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Review Replica Bovet Dimier RECITAL 0 Watch R041002-SD5

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Richard Mille Tourbillon Flywheel Chronograph RM 039 Aviation E6-B

Richard Mille has been a pioneer in the use of aerospace materials such as titanium, carbon nanofibers, ARCAP and tungsten carbide in the watchmaking industry. Tourbillon Flying Back Chronograph RM 039 Aviation E6-B, this year the brand shows its love of aviation with new watches and caliber specifically designed for flight guidance.

The brand has long been associated with high-end sports watches, including watches designed for racers, divers, and even famous golfers and tennis players; this is the pilot's first dedicated watch. A three-piece 50mm case made of titanium recreates the materials and visual codes used in the aerospace industry. It shows much of the same information provided by the famous E6-B flight computer invented by Captain Philip Dalton in the 1930s. This round of slide rule incorporates a two-way bezel that can be used to read and calculate fuel consumption, flight time, ground speed, density altitude or wind correction, and units of measurement (Naut / KM / gal / l / ft / KG / LBS) fast conversion. The RM 039 Tourbillon movement - the world's first movement with all of these complications - comes in UTC manual, countdown mode, oversized date at 12 o'clock, and function selector. It also features a uniquely designed flyback chronograph. Combined with the E6-B flight computer scale, this sophisticated feature provides pilots with a fast, practical device for measuring a series of consecutive elapsed times as they pass through different replica HYT SKULL Watches

The user can start or stop the chronograph with a push rod at 10 o'clock. The flyback function can be reset to zero at any time using the 8 o'clock fader. To stop the chronograph, press the fader at 10 o'clock, then press the reset / flyback button. To use the hand of the minute counter in countdown mode, click the button at 9 o'clock. The aperture at 7 o'clock will show the selected mode: Countdown mode is ON and timing mode is OFF. The pusher at the 4 o'clock position allows the hand to quickly adjust between 59 and 01 minutes. Gently pressing will move the hand forward by one minute, while tighter pressing will advance by five minutes. Once the countdown has been set, a 10 o'clock pusher can be used to start the chronograph. When the minute hand reaches zero, the display at 7 o'clock becomes "OFF". At any time, pressing the 8 o'clock button, the function can be activated by backflushing to zero.

The RM 039 Aviation E6-B also includes an oversized date display, placed at 12 o'clock, using two pierced calendar disks. Pusher at 2 o'clock makes date correction easy. The UTC function of the watch shows the second time zone by Super-LumiNova hands. The watch is also equipped with a function selector similar to a car transmission, with a crown-centered button that allows the user to select winding, neutral and manual setting functions with a single click. The 4 o'clock hand shows the function selected: "W" (winding), "N" (neutral), H (hand) or "U" (UTC for setting the UTC hand).luxury replica watches for sale


The box has two borders, one fixed and one rotated, providing E6-B sliding rule information. The yellow transfer of the rotating bezel shows a logarithmic scale (from 10 to 99) and a red measurement unit that can be used to convert measurements used in aerial measurements. This means that users can switch between KM, NAUT and STAT. Liter, US gallons and IMP gallons; meters and feet; KG and LBS. The indication of an external yellow at 9 o'clock allows air temperature to be selected from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C. This is very important for calculating the actual flight altitude associated with the temperature. At 12 o'clock, the altitude scale is provided by a red transfer on the outside of the bezel. It is expressed in thousands of feet from 0 to 50. The same ratio is seen outside at 2:30 (white transfer), but in this case a gradient from -10 to +45. Using these two scales in conjunction with the slip rule on the outside of the baffle, the actual flight speed can be calculated from the air temperature and Urwerk 103 replica watches

On fixed baffles, the second logarithmic scale (from 10 to 99) can be used to read the unit of measure. From 1 o'clock (60 o'clock) to 9 o'clock there is an hour of scale that can be used to solve any problem related to distance, speed and time. You can add, subtract, multiply, or even divide the value by combining the logarithmic scale on the fixed and rotating bezels. At 9 o'clock, the yellow transition shows thousands of feet of scale from 0 to 30, and the red at 12 o'clock indicates the air temperature scale from -70 ° C to + 50 ° C. Finally, RM 039's fixed bezel is expressed in thousands of feet (at 2:30) height. The reading is facilitated by the addition of a movable pointer at the edge of the middle of the housing.Online replica Richard Mille RM 39 watches

The movement has a total of 740 parts, including 58 jewels, power reserve of 70 hours (shown at 2 o'clock). Skeletonized substrates and bridges are grade 5 titanium. It has a variable inertia balance wheel and a fast-rotating barrel (5 hours per revolution instead of the more common 7.5 hours).

This requires more than 800 milling cases, the lugs into the housing assembly. Bezel, the middle and the table by the five titanium spline screws. The titanium top is painted with a black finish and has hour markers filled with luminescent material. The dial and two crystals (front and back) are made of sapphire and are double glazed. Crown has a patented design that protects the sport's heart from the outside world.



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