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“They’re allowed to come and help make the costumes, and wholesale christmas costumes  that is a big part of what traditional mas bands do: having the public come and use the centre, eat curry and help jewel and feather stuff, and get involved in the actual process of making the costumes.”

“They’ve taught me that whatever you’re feeling in the moment, it’s okay to express it.” There’s a free-wheeling energy at the heart of the Bird household, which is made up of Ali, her partner, the photographer Cass Bird, and their children Mae and Leo. Bird’s Instagram wholesale fashion dresses   lends a window onto their bohemian family life, one of midday dance parties and morning wake-up calls in the nude.

Spicer’s decision to ban live broadcasting of the press briefing is the latest in a series of wholesale halloween costumes attempts to curtail transparency and visibility at the White House. Spicer and deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders have collectively briefed reporters only seven times in all of June, including Monday and last Thursday’s no-broadcast gaggles. The length of those briefings have gone down, as well, averaging only 27 minutes per briefing this month.

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